We Must Respect Jury’s Decision

First, let me say that I wish to address the concerns held by many prosecutors, legislators and others in the wake of the Brian Nichols verdict that the burden of achieving a recommendation of death in capital cases is too high. I do not intend toassert any opinions as to the constitutionality, legitimacy or ethical considerations regarding the death penalty. I simply feelcompelled to respond to the increasing distrust of and contempt for the discretion of Georgia juries.


Class Filed Against Fulton Sheriff

Fulton County Daily Report By Steven H. Pollak, Assistant Editor-Digital Content Thursday, April 22, 2004 Jail's delays in inmate releases, strip-searches of prisoners prompt suit Delays in releasing inmates from the Fulton County Jail and the practice of strip-searching arrestees and prisoners w ho are about to be released have prompted a class action suit that could leave taxpayers footing the bill for millions of dollars in settlements and legal fees. A g