Personal Injuries

An accident involving a personal injury is more than a just a physical trauma.  Often times, victims suffer from devastating mental, emotional, and financial difficulties long after the physical injuries have healed. To make matters worse, many people experience even more frustration when they do recover and attempt to settle the matter with the insurance company.

Auto Accidents and Collisions

Although car wrecks are very common, no two cases are alike. Unfortunately, many people who wield a great deal of influence over these situations and the ultimate outcomes fail to appreciate the fact that no two cases are alike. Insurance companies develop plans and policies designed to categorize and “value” damages. These policies often dictate what adjustors will then offer as compensation for injuries of people who were not at fault in a car wreck. The criteria that may figure into an insurance company’s formula may include the amount of property damage, speed of vehicles involved, available witnesses, statements, and a variety of other information.

The problem with this system that insurance companies use to evaluate damages is that it fails to address the actual damages that were caused by the negligent driver. Despite the fact that the property damage may be minimal, a person who was driving his or her car responsibly may have been seriously hurt. Throughout the years, automobiles have been designed and improved upon in such a manner so that they better protect the occupants. The human body has not been improved upon in a similar manner so that it can withstand the impact that two extremely heavy objects have when they collide.

Surprisingly, many firms that represent people injured in automobile accidents and collisions categorize their clients in the same fashion as the insurance companies. Injury claims are not based upon the actual impact that they have had on the clients, but instead upon the criteria by which the insurance companies may be willing to make payments. This situation results in claims being undervalued and justice not being achieved for the injured parties.

Insurance adjusters attempt to take the facts of your accident and assign it a value that they think is fair. See The Car Accident Insurance Claim Formula

You are a person, not a number.

The DeWoskin Law Firm addresses each case individually, refusing to define justice by the measures arbitrarily assigned by insurance companies or others. The pursuit of justice requires that we take an unbiased approach toward each case so that we can fairly and accurately present it to a jury.