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Daily Report Article names Daniel DeWoskin foe of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates

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Hanna recently picked up another foe—an Atlanta attorney whose practice focuses on representing consumers in debt-collection matters. At issue was a 2008 suit brought by Alpha Receivables, one of Hanna's clients, against an Atlanta woman, Jennifer Chattman. Alpha claimed in DeKalb County State Court that Chattman owed it $1,505. Chattman's lawyer, Daniel E. DeWoskin, proved that Chattman never had such a debt and filed a counter-claim. Alpha admitted it made an error and withdrew the case. In June, DeWoskin sued in federal court, saying Alpha Receivables and Hanna's firm committed fraud and violated state and federal laws regulating debt-collection practices by creating a fictional debt and trying to collect it from Chattman.


How to Fight Wrongful Collection of Debts

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There is an unfortunate epidemic in this country of debt buyers purchasing old credit card debt and pursuing collection in illegal, unethical, and unprofessional ways.

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