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March 04, 2019

How do my doctor’s orders affect my personal injury case?

Posted by Dan Dewoskin in Auto Accident, Personal Injury

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If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence – whether it was a car wreck, a slip and fall, or some other unfortunate incident – getting the medical treatment you need is of the utmost importance. You may need to be treated by a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, and any number of other specialists. As you are treated by these medical providers, they will advise you regarding what steps you should take for your health to improve. That advice could include the types of medications you should take, what follow-up treatments you should pursue, what exercises you should do on your own, and many other instructions.

It is, of course, important for your health and recovery that you follow the doctor’s orders. But it is also critical to your personal injury case that you follow the doctor’s instructions. If you fail to show up for an appointment or otherwise fail to follow your doctor’s instructions, you are giving the opposing party in your case ammunition to undermine your case. The opposing party will argue that you would have less pain and suffering *if* you had followed doctor’s orders. You would have healed faster *if* you had followed doctor’s orders.

There is logic to those arguments – and other similar ones – even if they don’t necessarily speak the truth in your specific case. If you follow your doctor’s orders perfectly, your opponent cannot make that argument and your case is that much tighter. So, for your health, recovery, and for the sake of your personal injury case, be sure to follow doctor’s orders.

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Author: Dan Dewoskin